Sunday, October 12, 2008

Antonio LaMotta was a Virginia Beach resident who distinguished himself at an early age, graduating at the top of his Drafting and Art classes in 1978 from Bayside High School. The United States Army was quick to recognize his talent and skill, and upon his enlistment, assigned him to the singular post of "Artist", (81-E). His positive attitude and professional creativity earned him numerous recognitions, then and since.
It was while stationed in northern Germany that Tony developed a passionate interest in the myriad of castles lining the shores and valleys of the Rhine River. That study of those vaulting structures culminated in him authoring Castles of West Germany, an illustrative glimpse that even today can be found on the shelves of the Virginia Beach Central Library. The book's collection of pen and ink drawings includes historical narrative of each castle contained within its covers.

In the 1980's, The Cousteau Society commissioned him to design, illustrate and screen-print their artwork. His business continued to expand as local Police Departments, Fire Departments and schools solicited his talent. Among Mr. LaMotta's signature works is a redesign of the existing Virginia Beach logo - the addition of the seashore. He was assisted by the Police and Fire Departments in circulating that design.

In 1998, he opened a studio on Holland Road, where he was able to pursue his penchant for painting. To date, his oil paintings have been sent nationally and worldwide, reaching such distant locales as South America, Europe, and the Far East. When Mr. LaMotta is not creating on canvas in that studio, he is exercising another of his many skills - instructing the Martial Arts.
Most recently, Antonio LaMotta has been employed by the Armada Hoffler Construction Company. He has been proud to be included on an elite team of craftsmen, who have been responsible for building the luxury condominiums in the Westin Ressidences, Virginia's tallest building.

Tony's proudest achievement is his family, wife Nancy and their three children. He declares to share with all his family, friends and mentors his PASSION!

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